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Founded in 1985

Middleweeks Solicitors provide expert criminal defence services to win serious and complex cases.

Criminal Law Specialists in Manchester

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of an investigation/criminal charge you can be assured that our team of lawyers will work relentlessly and leave no stone unturned to achieve a successful outcome.

Our dedicated and experienced team consists of specialist criminal solicitors and Higher Court Advocates. We are trained to be extremely pro-active from the inception of any investigation to ensure a positive outcome in the shortest possible time. Our priority is to provide the highest standard of client care and aim to prevent a prosecution where possible, or to achieve an acquittal following a prosecution. 


Our firm is nationwide and over the years we have forged relationships with some of the most eminent and experienced barristers, Queens Counsel, Forensic Scientists, Telecommunications Experts, Forensic Accountants. We create bespoke teams of barristers and experts to suit the needs of each particular case.

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Over 35 years of fighting for justice, Middleweeks Solicitors have built an enviable reputation in the industry with exemplary client care and a results driven approach. 

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Simon Csoka QC 

"I have been instructed by Middleweeks Solicitors for about 25 years both as a junior and Queen's Counsel. These are now usually various serious, complex and high-profile cases. There are few solicitors who are so persistent in pursuing the case for their clients. I have witnessed the outstanding client care that is provided. Cases are prepared with a thoroughness that is hard to come by these days. Any client can be rest assured that his solicitor will know every inch of their case and provide sound strategic advice that they can safely rely upon."


Jonathan Goldberg QC

"I have defended high-profile Middleweeks clients for well over 30 years, working especially closely with partners Carl Richmond and Shahid Choudhry. I am briefed from time to time by scores of different solicitors throughout the country and indeed also overseas, and I can honestly say their overall competence and level of client care is as good as any and better than most."

Joel Bennathan QC

"When working for Middleweeks I was struck by the care, focus and dedication that they bring to every case."


We Specialise in Criminal Law


Serious Fraud

We have amassed a wealth of experience over the years in vigorously defending all types of complex fraud. The defence of such allegations requires meticulous and intricate examination of the prosecution evidence.


Serious Crime

We routinely represent clients facing some of the more serious allegations. Once again we would hand pick the most experienced counsel to defend our clients. Over the years we have accumulated a wealth of experience in finding gaps in the prosecution case.


General Crime

Middleweeks assist clients in a full array of criminal offences of a less serious nature. Our experience means we are able to fully appraise our clients of the evidence of the case and the procedure; making the whole process as stress free as possible.


Road Traffic Offences

This area of law is extremely complicated and of a technical nature. We appreciate the importance to our clients of retaining their driving licence. We have a dedicated department specialising in all aspects of motoring related offences. 

Notable Criminal Cases

Over the years, we have been instructed in many of the most serious and complex criminal cases throughout the country. Due to our vast experience and knowledge of the law, we have been able to challenge cases to the highest courts in the country including the House of Lords (now the Supreme Court). Below is a selection of our notable cases.


(Winchester CC) 

This was a complex investigation and subsequent prosecution brought by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO). Our client was an architect charged with Conspiracy to Defraud involving six construction projects. At the time, the trial was thought to be the longest in British history. 

R v J and DS
(Birmingham/Northampton CC)

A two-year operation which took investigators to Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, Austria and France as they pursued the gang for flooding the Midlands with £35m contraband cigarettes. In total 18 people were charged. Our client was acquitted of all charges. 

R v C
(Manchester CC)

This was a complex international money laundering case involving Hundi/Hawala banking. The prosecution alleged that millions of pounds were laundered via Dubai and Pakistan. The defence necessitated detailed enquiries by travelling to Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. This followed a bail application which was successful in our clients release from custody.

Client Testimonials

Over 35 years of fighting for justice, Middleweeks Solicitors have built an enviable reputation in the industry with exemplary client care and a results driven approach. 

'I had never been arrested before and the embarrassment of the police turning up at my home when my kids were asleep haunts me to this day. The nightmare had started. I was recommended to use Middleweeks when I was accused and charged with a number of mortgage frauds. They were remarkable in their knowledge of my case and accessible at all times. I was astonished with the good news when they managed to argue on my behalf that the prosecution should drop the case against me. I don't believe any other firm could have done what they did. I would highly recommend them.'


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