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Notable Cases

Over the years, we have been instructed in many of the most serious and complex criminal cases throughout the country. Due to our vast experience and knowledge of the law, we have been able to challenge cases to the highest courts in the country including the House of Lords (now the Supreme Court). 

Below is a selection of notable cases.

R v GPP 
(Winchester CC) 

This was a complex investigation and subsequent prosecution brought by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO). Our client was an architect charged with Conspiracy to Defraud involving six construction projects. At the time, the trial was thought to be the longest in British history. 

R v J and DS 
(Birmingham/Northampton CC)

A two-year operation which took investigators to Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, Austria and France as they pursued the gang for flooding the Midlands with £35m contraband cigarettes. In total 18 people were charged. Our client was acquitted of all charges. 

R v C
(Manchester CC)

This was a complex international money laundering case involving Hundi/Hawala banking. The prosecution alleged that millions of pounds were laundered via Dubai and Pakistan. The defence necessitated detailed enquiries by travelling to Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. This followed a bail application which was successful and resulted in our clients release from custody.

R v C & JF
(Bradford CC)

We represented both defendants (uncle and nephew) who were renowned in the travelling community and alleged to be ordering a revenge gangland murder. The police recovered a loaded machine gun and hand grenade. The police utilised covert, intrusive surveillance (bugging devices). Despite overwhelming evidence and a lengthy trial both defendants were acquitted of all charges. 

R v HM
(Manchester CC)

A joint operation between Cumbria Constabulary and HMRC leading to the seizure of 105kg of cocaine involving 8 defendants. Following a 10 week trial our client was the only defendant to be acquitted of all charges. 

R v H & C
(House of Lords)

This case is widely recognised as the landmark and leading case relating to unused material and disclosure issues leading to the "Golden Rule". We represented C who was cleared of a large scale conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. Our client was acquitted of all charges. 


R v G
(Manchester CC)

A further landmark case where our client was alleged to be part of a gang that smuggled 3.5 tonnes of cannabis from Spain to the UK. Our client was convicted and received 10 years imprisonment. However, following a successful appeal against conviction his conviction was quashed and he was released. This was the first case leading to a successful application for special counsel to review PII material to enable English law to comply with article 6. The appeal was allowed in the Court of Appeal owing to allegations of corruption against police officers in Lancashire constabulary.  

R v P
(Liverpool CC)

Our client was regarded as a leading gang land figure in Liverpool. We represented our client in this substantial police corruption case involving the sale of sensitive information by corrupt police officers to organised criminals. 

R v E
(Preston CC)

This was a notorious Salford gangland case involving two rival factions. The violence was extreme, with the use of machine guns. Our client was acquitted following a successful legal challenge of "no case to answer" following the conclusion of the prosecution case. Often referred to as a "half time submission".  

R v DO
(Liverpool CC)

We represented the client who was the head of a major importation and supply chain of Class A drugs whilst on the run in Belgium. This was a major international SOCA investigation with substantial intrusive surveillance. The defence was supported by inquiries having to be made by us with diamond dealers in Belgium. 

R v RL
(Manchester CC)

This case attracted national publicity as the nurse who was was accused of poisoning patients at Stockport's Stepping Hill Hospital. She had been arrested after 22 patients fell ill, 8 of whom died. We were successful in persuading the prosecution to discontinue all charges against her. This case required a substantial amount of media management. 

R v AF 
(House of Lords)

This was a terrorism prosecution which was successfully appealed to the House of Lords. This is one of the leading cases in this area.  The case was so complex and of such national importance that our client was represented by Lord Pannick QC, Tim Otty QC, Zubair Ahmed QC and Tom Hickman. 


R v SM 
(The Old Bailey)

We represented the lead defendant in this multi million property fraud based in Central London. The complex allegations involved the hijacking of identities relating to high net worth Arabs to facilitate the fraud.

R v LH 
(Kingston-upon-Thames CC)

This case centred upon a highly organised attack to cheat the VAT system: a missing trader intra community (MTIC) Fraud with a loss to the Revenue in excess of £20m and the subsequent laundering of the proceeds. We successfully discharged the Restraint Order against our client which resulted in the return of expensive jewellery to our client.

R v AS 
(Liverpool CC)

The London City Bond Fraud
A truly landmark victory which resulted in the HMRC being stripped of its power to bring charges against any individual. The loss to the revenue was estimated to have reached £2bn. The case involved many months of legal arguments which exposed the participating informant and malpractice of HMRC. Our client who was a business man who was acquitted of all charges following the prosecution being compelled to offer no evidence.

R v MP
(Leeds CC)

We represented a notorious gangland figure who was charged with a horrific murder. He was acquitted following a complex trial involving critical analysis of telephone/cell site evidence.

R v JC 
(Manchester CC)

The client was charged with murder alleged to be gang related. The police charged numerous men and our client was acquitted following a lengthy trial. This was a case where the prosecution alleged a Joint Enterprise between the defendants. We were able to successfully challenge the prosecution on this assumption.

R v AY 
(Middlesborough CC)

The client was charged with conspiracy to murder with the use of a firearm. A substantial challenge was mounted against the forensic evidence by the defence team resulting in all charges being discontinued and our clients release from remand in custody. 

R v PB 
(Woolwich CC)

Our client was alleged to be a money launderer on behalf of an infamous criminal London family. Our client was the only person out of 9 defendants to be acquitted. 

R v MT 
(Southwark CC)

We represented MT who was accused of conspiracy to defraud by way of a cyber attack upon a very successful property group based in London. The property group were responsible for  landmark developments in Knightsbridge. The client avoided a custodial sentence due to the in depth preparation conducted on his behalf. 

R v K & K 
(Kingston CC)

An international money laundering case involving millions of pounds. The judge agreed to dismiss the case as a terminating ruling which was subsequently appealed by the prosecution. Our client was an accountant.

R v F & Family 
(Manchester CC)

We have represented multiple members of arguably the most famous boxing family in the world, from the travelling community. Amongst other representation, we were successful in the Court of Appeal resulting in a significant reduction in sentence. We were also instructed in connection with complex confiscation proceedings involving substantial assets and reached an extremely favourable outcome.   


R v TB 
(Manchester CC)

This was a high profile murder case which gained national press coverage due to the murder of two MOT inspectors who were on a routine inspection of a garage in Greater Manchester. 

R v MW
(Manchester CC)

We represented this highly successful solicitor who was prosecuted for a complex and substantial mortgage fraud. He was acquitted following a lengthy trial. 

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